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  • It was an honor to be a guest on Rockstar Parents and Teens. Faisal's mission to help parents and teens connect on a deeper level is inspiring. His smart, candid interviewing style is refreshing and fun - even when the subject matter is deep. Thank you for the fabulous show. Keep on rockin'!
  • I was on Faisal show. His questions were excellent and he did his homework. He allowed me to speak freely and encouraged us to dig deeper. He is pro kid and that means a lot to us here at
  • Faisal is a great resource for parents and teens.  As recent guests on his show, we were impressed with his interviewing skills and comments.  He was knowledgeable, asked well thought out questions and provided comments that enriched the conversation.  He held the focus on what is important to parents and teens, ensuring we provided information that was relevant to his audiences. Thank you Faisal for being a wise and focused interviewer.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed my appearance on Rockstar Parents and Teens with Faisal Hameed Khattak. Faisal's passion for his show and why he has the show to help parents and teens comes across so clearly in everything he does. I couldn't recommend the show and Faisal more highly.  
  • Faisal is a dream to work with! He's a great listener and has such great insights.  You know he truly cares about kids and helping parents!  
  • Having been a guest on Faisal Khattak's show was an enriching experience.  Faisal's format is like sitting down with your best friend and sharing ideas about life and raising children. I look forward to a long lasting relationship with Faisal as he seeks to encourage those raising and working with youngsters.
  • Faisal and I spoke a few days before the show and we had a wonderful conversation. I was feeling quite nervous before recording the Rockstar Parents and Teens Show, but just picked up the conversation where we'd left off. Within a few minutes we were just two caring men talking about the lessons we've learnt from our own lives and how we're communicating these lessons and the expertise we've developed to youth in BC.
  • I had a positive experience being interviewed by Faisal of Rockstar Parents and Teens. He was an easy going, interactive and insightful interviewer. As an entrepreneur, I appreciated his collaborative approach to supporting local businesses.
  • I was a guest on Faisal Hameed Khattak's show, "Rockstar Parents and Teen" at the beginning of 2015. Faisal made me feel comfortable right away on the program. He has a terrific message for parents, and makes it easy for guests to share their words of advice, experiences, and messages, as well. I look forward to being invited back on his program for another go 'round.
  • I had the absolute pleasure of being on Faisal's show. Faisal made me feel comfortable as a guest. I totally enjoyed his impromptu style of questions which led to a pretty interesting and engaging conversation. He is highly skilled and knowledgeable on the subject of parenting. As parents we both had a pretty intelligent conversation on parenting and how parents can help their children excel in school and life. In summary, it was a good segment. I felt valued as a guest and I felt that my opinions matter. It was also good for me to learn about Faisal's life journey. I was totally inspired by him (and I'm rarely inspired by anyone :-). Good job on the show, Faisal. Keep up the good work!!!

Episode #36 Featuring Jonathan Thompson

How to Talk Honestly with Your Kids About Drug Use (Theirs and Yours)

Jonathan is the Founder of, a resource for building community and family traditions around jonathanpic-150traditional plant sacraments in the Global North; he is also the father of 3, committed husband, and “sunlights” as Office Manager for a well-established Holistic Health practice in Mid-Michigan, USA. He has a BS in Anthropology from Michigan State University and has spent the last 10 years in management and human resources in the retail and healthcare industries. Jonathan is also very interested in developing fact-based drug education programs and educational materials for youth, as an antidote to the “Just Say No” approach that has led to confusion and misinformation about substances among our teens and tweens.


Episode #35 Featuring Gabriel Iqbal

Heart intelligence training for the next Generation

Gabriel Iqbal was born in 1970 in the Himalayan valley of Kashmir. In 1990, he migrated to England to pursue his educational interests.AfterOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA having secured a scholarship for distinguished performance in a Diploma in Health Sciences at Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College, UK, in the early 90’s, he was privileged to work under one of the world’s eminent Biologist, Dr. Ray McNeil Alexander and earned a BSc. Honours in Biology from the University of Leeds, UK, with a key focus on Biomechanics, Fresh Water Ecology, Environmental Science, Evolution, Paleobiology, and Human Psychology. Later on he completed a Post-Graduation in Science Education from the same university and taught Biology and Environmental Science for several years.

Gabriel’s major work is represented in Heart Intelligence – Book Trilogy, which is accompanied by a Film on


Episode #34 Featuring Amy Scott Grant

Intuitive Parenting: You Know More Than You Think

Amy Scott Grant is a bestselling author, speaker, master intuitive healer, and mother of three. She specializes in helping people get clear, amyscottgrant_headshot_150which is two-fold. First, to get clarity about what you want and where you’re going, then, to clear the blocks, doubts, fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back. Amy was inducted into the Academy of Bestselling Authors in 2013 and in that same year, was chosen as a Thought Leader of the Year finalist. Amy has published a number of books and home-study courses, and she is also the creator of, featuring MindTime meditations for kids.


Episode #33 Featuring Akilah C. Thompson

Bullying and cyberbullying; What to do?

Akilah is also the Founder & President of Generations Inspired, which is a nonprofit aimed at providing personal Akilah_150and professional development programs for youth and collegiate students.  Generations Inspired launched its first program, I AM B.E.A.U.T.Y in July 2013.   I AM B.E.A.U.T.Y is a 6-week program designed to empower and inspire young girls and women by fostering self-love, personal & professional development, career exploration, health awareness, goal setting and pursuit of life purpose.  For more information, please visit Generations Inspired.


Episode #32 Featuring Linda Gordon and Susan Shaffer

How to Connect with Your iTeen: A Parenting Road Map

Gordon and Shaffer are the coauthors of Too Close for Comfort: LindaQuestioning the Intimacy of Today’s New Mother-Daughter Relationship (September 2009, Berkley Publishing Group/Putnam), Why Girls Talk and What They’re Really Saying and Why Boys Don’t Talk and Why It Matters (Parents Survival Guides to Connecting With Your Teen) (January 2005, McGraw Hill), Susanand Can I Move Back in With You? A Survival Guide for Parents of Twentysomethings (April 2004, Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam). As a result of their long collaboration, they have spoken to parent groups and educators nationally and have been the subject of numerous interviews and articles in print, radio, and television. They were invited to participate at the White House Conference on Teenagers.


Episode #31 Featuring Jeff bearden

Bullying Prevention and How to Develop and “Unbreakable” Mindset

Jeff Bearden, known as “The Get Back on Your Feet Guy”, inspires today’s youth to get back on their feet, stand up to bullying, Jeff Bearden Headshot-150battle depression, and live lives free of alcohol and drugs through his motivational speaking. As a professional wrestler for over 25 years—working under the names “Giant Warrior” and “Tiger Steele”—Bearden entertained audiences all over the world, including audiences of over 75,000. Through his wrestling career, he had experiences both positive and negative that he brings to his speeches.


Episode #30 Featuring Kory Puderbaugh

How to have a better relationship with physically disabled child?

Kory Puderbaugh was born in Poland and came to the USA when he was 5 years old. Since that time, he has lived Kory-150with 3 different families, one of whom were abusive. After 7 years of being told he would never amount to anything in this world, attempting suicide 3 times, and being put into a mental hospital, he now is inspired to be proactive with his life and to achieve massive success. Now, Kory is training for the Olympics in wheelchair rugby aka murderball and working on his own business. He hopes to inspire others to reach for more than their current circumstances.



Episode #29 Featuring Holli Kenley

3 key strategies for defining and determining WORTH!

Holli Kenley holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology; she is a California Sate Licensed Teacher and a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. DSC_0162_head_shot-150Counseling with teens, adults, and couples, Holli’s areas of training and experience include sexual trauma, abuse, addiction, codependency, domestic violence, betrayal and cyber bullying. Currently, Holli works in the field of psychology as an author, speaker, and workshop presenter. She has authored numerous published articles and five recovery books including Breaking Through Betrayal: And Recovering the Peace Within; cyber bullying no more: Parenting a High Tech Generation, and Mountain Air: Relapsing and Finding the Way Back…One Breath at a Time.Holli’s newest book and first novel – Another Way – was just released March 2015.


Episode #28 Featuring Suzanne Casamento

How to recognize if your teen is in an abusive relationship?

Growing up in a small New Jersey town (complete with horse farms and cornfields) gave Suzanne Casamento plenty of time to make up stories. Suzanne Casamento-150She earned her BFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College. Her stories and articles have been published in Seventeen and Teen.

Suzanne’s debut Young Adult novel, Fingerprints, is loosely based on a story that appeared in Seventeen. Her second novel, Choosing Tally, is a companion novel to Fingerprints in which Savanna, Tally and Jane return in a story told from Tally’s point of view. Both stories are a lot like her 16th summer in New Jersey, when suddenly things weren’t so boring anymore. Suzanne currently lives in Los Angeles.


Episode #27 Featuring Todd Thomas

How to find It-Factor for you and your teen?

Todd Thomas is a mental performance expert and personal achievement author. He has seen many people throughout his life reach for their goals and fall short over todd-150and over again including himself. He has seen those who are wildly successful yet dissatisfied because there’s a passionately held goal they never go for. Is it lack of ability, feeling stuck, getting up that one more time, pressing on, or willingness to take the risk?

With nearly 20 years of experience in coaching, speaking to, and working with teams and individual athletes to help them reach for their potential, Todd brings a unique perspective to the science of personal achievement.


Episode #26 Featuring Daphna Levy

How to Help Your Teen Avoid Disastrous Choices

Daphna Levy is a Relationship Coach, Author and Speaker who has been helping families build better lives for nearly three decades. Daphna-150Her direct, no-nonsense approach helps people detect red flags and handle unwanted situations before they get out of control.
Her book, PICKING RIGHT, the Single’s Guide to Finding the Right Match, is as relevant to choosing childhood friends as it is to picking a life partner. It is a powerful tool for empowering teens to detect toxic relationships and shun people who could lead them down a path of self-destruction.
Visit: &


Episode #25 Featuring Jessie Funk

Scientifically Proven ways to Empower you Teen to Stop Getting Bullied

Jessie Funk holds a leadership certification from the University of Notre Dame along with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. jessieclarkfunk_150She has also been a professional youth speaker for twelve years, speaking for high schools and leadership conferences internationally. She is a facilitator Franklin Covey, the most prestigious leadership training company in the world. She is a published author of two books for teens. Her passion for empowering teenagers led her to start an international non-profit organization called “The Ivy Girl Academy,” a confidence and leadership training program for teen ladies.

As a professional vocalist she has released five solo albums, has toured 36 states with the Broadway musical “Footloose,” has also been hired for hundreds of recording sessions as a studio vocalist including songs heard on TV’s “America’s Got Talent,” ESPN and “The Biggest Loser.” Jessie has walked away from three record deals unwilling to sell her soul for fame. She chooses to use her voice to lift and inspire in positive ways.


Episode #24 Featuring Craig Wiener

Are you damaging your kids with the pill to subdue ADHD?

Dr. Craig B. Wiener is a licensed Psychologist based in Worcester, Massachusetts where he specializes in the treatment of children, adolescents and families. Craig_150Dr. Wiener obtained his Doctorate Degree from the Clark University in 1979, and he is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Massachusetts Psychological Association. In addition to over thirty years of private practice, he is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and Clinical Director of Mental Health Services at Family Health Center of Worcester where he supervises a large staff of clinicians, Post-doctoral Fellows, and Pre-doctoral Psychology and Social Work Interns. He has taught in the Psychology Graduate Department at Clark University and in the Undergraduate Psychology departments at Worcester State University and Anna Maria College.

Throughout his career, Dr. Wiener has questioned the growing tendency to make behavioral problems medical disabilities. His groundbreaking work with ADHD shows that the behaviors included in the ADHD diagnosis can become frequent due to reinforcement. He shows parents how to stop those reinforcements and alternatively develop their child’s self-reliance and cooperation.


Episode #23 Featuring Rich Korb

 Motivating Defiant and Disruptive Students

Rich Korb has thirty-seven years of educational experience as a teacher at every level, educational consultant, and administrator. Rich is an international speaker and writer.Rich-150 Rich’s book – Motivating Defiant and Disruptive Students to Learn published by Corwin Publications is becoming a standard among educators and parents struggling with difficult students. He has presented educational seminars for the Bureau of Education and Research, Otter Creek Institute, Staff Development for Educators, Ideas Unlimited and is an adjunct faculty member for Seattle Pacific University and Brandman University where he offers the national seminar – Motivating Defiant and Disruptive Students to Learn– Strategies That Work.  Rich has worked with multiple school districts and school to develop programs that fit their needs.


Rich has designed innovative strategies to enhance student learning while reducing disruptions due to disruptive and defiant behavior.  Rich Korb has extensive experience in paranormal behavior among students, school safety, and cultural diversity. Rich Korb is an innovative educational consultant motivated to develop and promote educational opportunities for all students and staff.


Episode #22 Featuring Rick Goodfriend

One question to ask that brings a relationship closer, instantly. 

Rick is the author of the book “I Hear You, But…” with over 100 communication tips. image001_150 He also authored  2 CD’s.  “Creating Instant Calm” and “Creating Extraordinary Business Relationships.” He is certified by the California State Bar to teach “Enhancing Attorney – Client Relationships to attorneys. Rick has been on over 300 radio and TV shows discussing these proactive communication skills. He enjoys taking calls from viewers and showing alternatives to their challenging communication situations.

His experience of 12 years teaching these skills to the public and business comes from actually using the skills daily to enrich his relationships and 200 hrs. of instruction. He has taught these skills to therapists, psychologists and professionals. These skills and consciousness are not usually taught in colleges.

Spirituality: When using empathic listening it is a spiritual experience as 2 people connect with each other, sometimes instantly. It is amazing to feel the energy that is developed.  As people use these skills, endorphins and other feel good chemicals are released.


Episode #21 Featuring Kathy Taberner & Kirsten Siggins

The Power Of Curiosity: Raising independent, savvy teens, conflict FREE.

Kathy Taberner and Kirsten Taberner Siggins are a mother/daughter executive coaching team and founders of the Institute Of Curiosity, a coaching and training organization bookpic_150with a focus on communication skills and curious conversations, working primarily with parents and leaders.  After 10 years of coaching leaders in organizations, they recognized how crucial curiosity was to understanding others and building relationships personally and professionally.  Kathy and Kirsten are the authors of “The Power of Curiosity: How To Have Real Conversations That Create Collaboration, Innovation and Understanding” and have been featured in Fast Company,, Huffington Post Blog, Moms Magazine, Smart Coos, Expertpreneur Radio and Vancouver Breakfast Television.


Episode #20 Featuring Dr. Nicoline Ambe

Keeping children stay focused in such a distracted world .

Dr. Nicoline Ambe has taught in several elementary schools, colleges, and universities across Canada and the United States for the past 18 years. She holds a Bachelor’sNicoline-150 Degree, two Master’s Degrees, a Ph.D. in Law, and a California Teaching Credential. She is an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author of two books – Above & Beyond and A Teacher’s Notes. She has been featured in The Miami Herald and The Boston Globe.

Dr. Ambe is also an International Speaker. She is the Founder and CEO of Nicoline Ambe International, a training and consulting company that empowers parents to provide the right environment at home to help their children become high achievers in school.  She shows parents simple but effective strategies that they can immediately implement at home to help their children raise their grades, excel in school and prepare for a successful future in college, career and life. She believes that education is the gateway to a successful future, and by implementing a few simple ideas effectively, every parent can help their child succeed in school and life. She also believes that a parent’s mental, physical and emotional health are important in helping them provide the best care for their children.

Dr. Ambe has spoken in front of several large audiences across the United States to share her message of academic empowerment and helping children excel in school, and in life. She speaks at conferences, schools, churches and events. More info at


Episode #19 Featuring VJ Stanley

Keeping a balance between sports and academics .

VJ is not some enraged, uneducated parent or radical.  He knows coaching inside, outside, forwards and backwards.  And, he is passionate about creating positive VJ Stanley - 150change for our kids – which, of course, are our future!

VJ Stanley from was a three sport athlete in high school winning All-Star honors and a scoring title as well as being co-captain of two of those teams.  He received his high school’s first ever leadership award. He continued his hockey career in Juniors with All-Star honors and continued his career to Clarkson University, where, unfortunately, his career was ended after receiving two concussions in a week ( his 7th and 8th) and only playing one game.

VJ has a Master’s in Education, a degree in history as well as minor degrees in psychology and philosophy. He began his coaching career as the youngest high school coach in M.C.H.S.L history, coached hockey for 30 years from the youth level through college, and ended his career with a 21-year stint as the head hockey coach at the University of Rochester.  He received nine Coach of the Year awards, nine championships, and had the playoff trophy renamed in his honor when he retired.

He was a professional stand-up comedian for seven years and has been married to the same wonderful wife, Kathleen, for twenty-five years.  They have two wonderful children,  Clayton and Molly, whose journey through youth sports was the inspiration for writing this book, his speaking engagements, seminars, and workshops.


Episode #18 Featuring Tracy Goodwin

Why communication and speaking skills are more necessary now than ever before.

Tracy Goodwin has been speaking since she was 12 years old, Tracy worked as a professional actor for many years before receiving a BFA in Directing and an MA 150in Child Drama.  Tracy has directed plays and coached children on speaking and communication all over the world.  Parents and speakers alike, seek her out for her expert voice, presentation and communication training.  Tracy loves building massive confidence in kids and teens to set them up for a life of victory, grounded with their core message of what they believe in and the courage to share it with the world, beautifully.  In the last 10 years Tracy’s focus has been on creating effective communication  and storytelling strategies, encouraging kids, teens and adults to speak with confidence, no matter what the venue or the audience.  Tracy’s core teaching concept is embracing you and building confidence and speaking skill sets around that.

Tracy has two websites, one for adults and one for kids and teens


Episode #17 Featuring Scott Carr

3 Mindsets to help parents reduce stress, boost empowerment, and

learn to inspire and ensure your children’s best results.

Scott Carr is a trainer, mentor, coach, and founder of both Belief Trumps Talent and the Empowered Parents Network. Scott Carr promo pic 2015He built athletic and academic programs at international schools in Asia and has pursued making learning as current and applicable to the ‘real world’ as is possible.  As he raises his 6, 8 and 12 year old daughters ‘solo’, he has pioneered mindset education to help youth, millenials and parents achieve harmony in their relationships while working together to reach their true potential.  Scott has inspired hundreds of students (and many more parents) from over 30 nationalities to learn how to develop the mindsets that allow them to achieve their best possible results.



Episode #16 Featuring Dr. Sairah Qureshi

Bullying and what parents need to know

Dr. Sairah Qureshi, founder and CEO of Action Against Bullying, a non-profit organization specialized in training school teachers and guidance counselorsSairah_Qureshi via training modules. Dr. Qureshi earned her PhD from the UK, and has had over 10 years of academic experience and over 7 years as a consultant and practitioner in the field of bullying and racism in schools.Action Against Bullying developed a partnership with Bullying Intervention Group, a UK Not-for-profit organization allowing for schools to achieve a special award for best bullying prevention. Dr. Qureshi acts as Residential Consultant Expert for the Downtown Manhattan Community Board 1, ‘Youth and Education Committee’ and is a prominent member of the NYC Teen Healthy Relationship Network Roundtable committee. Dr. Qureshi has lectured and published articles in her specialized field and published her very first book, ‘Bullying and Racist Bullying in Schools; What ARE we missing?

Episode #15 Featuring Cassandra Perkins

Bullying and how to tackle it

Cassandra Perkins began her acting career on the theatrical stage when she was five years old. Cassandra_150Performing in as many as twenty productions, Cassandra demonstrated her love of the stage and her passion for speaking. By the age of ten, Cassandra had blossomed into a fine young actress and moved into film, earning several IMDb film credits, as well as a Heartland Regional Emmy nomination.
Cassandra became a spokesmodel and bi-monthly columnist for BYOU ‘Be Your Own You!’ Magazine, an international publication targeted toward building self-esteem in tween girls. Cassandra has traveled the country speaking to large audiences such as Toyota Young Women ‘s LEAD, SOAR at Kentucky University, Girltopia with the Greater Los Angeles Girl Scouts ,California Women’s Conference Girls “B-Empowered” Summit and the Evolve Expo of Denver. At fifteen Cassandra was invited to speak on the world-renowned TedX stage at Denver University, about the destructive behavior of bullying, as well as promoting her messages of positive self-esteem and hope.

Episode #14 Featuring Joseph P. Ghabi

Parenting and Relationships with Numerology

Joseph P. Ghabi Joseph_150is the Founder and CEO of The Free Spirit Centre Inc. When you hear the words mystic, spiritual teacher, or numerologist, Joseph P. Ghabi may not fit the first picture that comes to mind. He is a former engineer, banker and international sales manager. His past is packed with degrees and certifications given only to people of science and logic. Yet Joseph’s true gift appears in an area less frequented by typical scientists.
Joseph is known worldwide as a healer and a visionary. His unique approach to healing the pain of your past has been perfected from years of working with clients and training holistic practitioners. An expert numerologist, holistic healer, and spiritual leader, Joseph speaks on topics ranging from relationships and the law of attraction to life purpose and past histories. He is well known for his expertise in healing childhood traumas.
As a natural medium and a minister of metaphysics, Joseph has chosen to devote his life to working with the healing energy.  He is presently earning a PHD in Metaphysical Counseling.

Episode #13 Featuring Philip Be’er

Revealing the secret path to Inspired Parenting

Philip Be’er is an educator and writer who is known for his development of Philip_150Behavioural Loop (B-Loop) Theory. He has been on a lifelong quest to understand the roots of family (and societal) dysfunction and to identify effective ways to facilitate widespread healing.
Within five months of immigrating to Canada with his wife and his young daughter, the marriage ended, plunging Philip into a deep personal crisis. In search of relief from his agony, Philip intensified his ongoing study of soul-teachings by masters like Byron Katie, Jane Middleton-Moz, Debbie Ford, Deepak Chopra, Melodie Beattie, Marshall Rosenberg and Paul Ferrini.
Philip’s Behavioural Loop Theory brings the wise teachings that he’s encountered into one coherent system. He works with individuals, families, businesses and organizations, regularly offering workshops, seminars and an online course.

Episode #12 Featuring Janet Anderson

Autism awareness month and day

Janet_150For over 15 years Janet has operated as a professional Events Manager with experience in project management, fundraising, sponsorship, marketing, communications, staff management, Board management, funding, planning and managing meetings, community, industrial and recreational events,  in both Canada & the United States. 

Previous Contracts have included, Subaru Western Triathlon Series, Arizona Marathon, Vancouver Pride Society (parade 800,000 & festival with 150,000), Jay Leno Cabriolet Gala Show, Salish Tents & Event Rentals, earth run, World Police & Fire Games Half Marathon, the Vancouver Marathon, Becel Heart Health & Wellness Expo, DVBIA Health & Wellness Show, MS Super Cities Walk & Runs, Maui Surf & Sand Half Marathon, Merritt Mountain Music Festival, Black Tie Bingo Gala Evening, Century Plaza Ladies Media Golf Classic, Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce Business Awards, Cottonwood Mall, the Kidney Foundation of Canada, the Variety Club of BC, the Canadian Thoroughbred Society and the PGA Golf Championship in Maui for 2002 & 2003.


Episode #11 Featuring Brittany Zimmerman

Empowering parents to raise conscious children

Brittany Zimmerman is an early childhood educator, daycare owner and operator, a mother, Britt headshot 2015_150a children’s book author, a professional counselor/spiritual life coach and a modern day mystic.
She has combined both her intuitive gifts and her love for children to create the Conscious Kids Club.
Why are we fixing the adults when we could be empowering the children? -Brittany Zimmerman

Episode #10 Featuring Susi Vasseur

Navigating the Teen Years

Certified with the Academy of Family Coach Training and Susi has been working with teens in one capacity or other for as long as she can remember.Head Shot  This love led down some interesting and sometimes scary paths. Yet it only built her resolve to make a difference in the lives of teens and the parents that support them.This has manifested itself into Relationship Coaching, Parent Workshops, Art Journaling for Teen Girls, Teen Mentoring and Math Tutoring.

Episode #9 Featuring Andy Smithson

TRU Parenting

Andy Smithson is a Husband, Father, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Author, Speaker and Parent Coach. blackandwhite_150He lives in Southern Idaho along the scenic Snake river with his wife and five children. He helps parents change negative patterns and establish/build positive patterns of successful, healthy personal, parenting and families using the simple principles of TRU (Teach intentionally, build the Relationship and Upgrade Yourself).

Episode #8 Featuring Tony McAleer

Life after hate is possible

A former organizer for the White Aryan Resistance (WAR), Tony McAleer served as a skinhead recruiter, proprietor ofTony_150 Canadian Liberty Net (a computer operated voice messaging center), and manager of the racist rock bad, Odin’s Law. Tony was eventually found to have contravened section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act that prohibits the dissemination of messages likely to expose groups to hatred by telephone. He was later jailed for contempt when he circumvented the CHRC decision by establishing a telephone message system in Washington State in a case that went to the Supreme Court of Canada. His love for his children led Tony on a spiritual journey of personal transformation. Financial hardship and the harsh realities of single parenthood brought him to a place of compassion and forgiveness for himself and for others. Tony has spent the past six years as principal of McAleer & Associates Wealth Management and traveling as a motivational speaker. Today he is a board member of Life After Hate and shares his practice of compassion as a presenter of Kindness Not Weakness curriculum.

Episode #7 Featuring Kerri Isham

Importance of Sexual Health Education

Kerri Isham runs her own company called Power-Up Workshops

specializing in sexual health education from Kindergarten to Grade 10. Kerri is a graduate of Ottawa University with a Bachelor of Physical Education and Bachelor of © HA Photography.comEducation. She taught in School District 69 for 14 years, including ten years as a sexual health educator at the middle school level. She also became a District Health and Fitness Resource Teacher, which enabled her to teach sexual health to grades four and five. Kerri completed the Sexual Health Educator’s Certification program in June 2011 with Options for Sexual Health in Vancouver. Kerri Isham is a knowledgeable, experienced and passionate educator, coach and facilitator dedicated to excellence and committed to the empowerment of people of all ages.

Episode #6 Featuring Charles Anderson

Blissful Parenting

Charels_Anderson_150Author of Blissful Parenting, Charles Murray Anderson, has been coaching individuals and hosting group training programs for the past 14 years.These programs are packed full of effective life skills and strategies to help parents deal with difficult child behavior without begging, bribing, or yelling. Charles is the creator of, he developed Blissful Parenting in 2008 to help teach parents positive ways of dealing with behavior as well as to develop strong life skills for dealing with stress, frustration and anger so that they can pass these essential life skills on to their children.

Episode #5 Featuring Ricky Shetty

Building a strong family foundation for Rockstar Teens!

Ricky Shetty is the owner and operator of the popular family-friendly website Ricky_150where he writesabout parenting from a father’s perspective. Ricky is the Amazon Best Selling Author of the book “Wisdom from Daddies” where he interviewed over 100 dads about fatherhood. In addition, Ricky is a passionate entrepreneur running the YVR Media Group, which includes YVR Bloggers, YVR Foodies, and YVR Dads, based out of Vancouver, Canada. Ricky is the happy husband of Anne and proud father of two wonderful kids Rianne and Ryan.

Episode #4 Featuring Sujai Johnston

 Keeping an open mind when parenting teens

Sujai Johnston is the creator of an amazing online group called “Gentle parents unite” with roughly 2800+ parents,Sujai in less than a year. It is a safe place where parents come and share their knowledge and experience about conscious parenting and also ask for help from other parents. Sujai Johnston was born in Argentina.  She mostly lived in Washington state and California. She also lived in Bolivia for 5 years. Sujai has always been a peaceful person, but did not always have the vision to parent the way that she does. It was due to struggles with her children & her own mental health that she decided big change was necessary & she began to research, tear down walls & begin to create real change.

Episode #3 Featuring Three Amigos

A little bit freedom into confidence

This is an off the cuff interview with three 23-year old young men Tyler Lupanko, Danny Loughren and 3_Amigos_400Dylan Slicka Nykyforak I met in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. In this interview we talk about how they found their confidence to travel all over the world since they were in their late teens. What inspired them to change their lives to be so bold and mentally strong and learn from different cultures. I also asked them if there was a way to go back in their childhood, what would they change?

Episode #2 Featuring Leon Scott Baxter

Safety-Net Parenting

Leon Scott Baxter, “The Dumbest Genius You Will Ever Meet”Leon_300
is the author of four books, been an elementary school teacher since 1997, and is the father of two happy, successful daughters, (11) and (15). Raised in poverty by a young, single mother, Baxter along with his wife have raised their daughters to explore their creativity and reach for their goals early in life. As a result, the girls have raised funds for the Humane Society and pediatric cancer research, watched the Dodger’s with Jackie Robinson’s daughter, started a toy company, and created a widely popular YouTube channel.

Episode #1 with Faisal Hameed Khattak

Intro to the Show

Faisal’s interest in meta physics and constantly looking for answers to questions like, Who am I?SIDE_pp_cd_150_Flipped
What am I doing here? and How can I be a better parent? have made him aware that blissful parenting is the key to raising rock star teens. The teens who are immune to social problems like bullying, addictions and sexual abuse. Faisal Khattak is a Professional Speaker and The Leadersmith. He guides and transforms teenagers into Remarkable teens. Faisal is a licensed practitioner of NLP, a certified Hypnotherapist and a certified anti-bullying coach. His ground-breaking book “7 Surefire Ways To Bullyproof Your Child” has acclaimed numerous raving reviews. He has also created a hot new revolutionary product in the arena of affirmations known as “FunFirmations”.