Can Self-leadership bring Happiness to me and my teen?

Here is the truth. It’s I who can make myself happy not Others.

I wonder if this applies to you too. During my childhood I was brought up to look for my Happiness in other people. The belief I received from my family was that if people around me were happy with me that would bring happiness in me. I grew up practicing that limiting belief making sure I always said YES to others’ demands and took care of everyone else’s needs, putting my own needs on hold. It gave me some recognition and somewhat Happiness but the problem is, that in reality this attitude didn’t create long lasting Happiness in me, it rather created resentment, guilt and loneliness.

It was like drinking a can of Red Bull, my happiness would fade away quickly. Something was missing and I didn’t know what it was.
Have you ever felt like that? the gut wrenching pain of emptiness, not knowing when and from where the next buzz of Happiness will come? Here is something I noticed on my own journey to becoming The Leadersmith, no matter what I did to fulfill others’ needs my graph of self worth was dropping down, in a hurry.

I remember when I was working with my mentor Dov Baron, he told me one thing which at first I thought…was load of crap. He said “Faisal your inner child has the keys to unlock your happiness and prosperity in your future. You need to connect and make him happy and all the doors will open.”
Yeah I know you might be thinking of this as a load of crap too but I can testified that since I took on this truth and reality, my life has totally changed. I am now here to make my inner child happy which in return makes me happy and I don’t have to look for fulfillment in others.Leader-3

To me that’s creating leadership in one’s self. Once we are the leaders of our own lives and know our purpose, leading and helping others becomes easy. 
Remember I said earlier that I was brought up to look for my happiness in others? Now here is the question. 
Are you bringing up your child to become a leader in their own life or look for their happiness in others by losing their own self worth?

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Thank you!

With gratitude.

Faisal Hameed Khattak