I A bit about myself and My Mission

So many of our young adults are led by unhealthy and dysfunctional media images or other kids who wield maladjusted power over other kids.Your child has within them a hidden leader. My job, my passion is guiding that hidden leader to the child who may not even know, that leader exists.

I am a Professional Speaker and The Leadersmith. I help parents guide and transform our younger generation to be more confident, blissful, responsible citizens and become Noble Leaders. I am honoured to be mentored and trained by Dõv Baron, the Leading Expert on Developing Authentic Leadership and the World’s only Corporate Cultural Momentum Strategist. I am a Licensed Practitioner of NLP, mentored and trained by Steve Boyley an Internationally Recognized trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I am also a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Numerologist and a Certified Anti-bullying coach. My ground-breaking book “7 Surefire Ways To Bullyproof Your Child” has acclaimed numerous raving reviews. I have also created a hot new revolutionary product in the arena of affirmations known as “Funfirmations.”

A few years ago I was also known as the Big Dog, helping kids of all ages deal with the epidemic of bullying. After working with hundreds of kids and adults it became evident that the best way to end this epidemic is to reveal the hidden leader within your child. A leader who is healthy, compassionate, caring and self assertive.

As a victim of childhood bullying myself, I want to bring out leadership in each and every young adult out there so they could stand up for themselves and not feel like the way I did, back when I was bullied and molested at the age of five. I lost my confidence and voice. And I desperately wished I had someone to talk to. But there was no one to help and I continued to be bullied all through my school years.

I want to be the voice for all those kids who are faced with social issues like bullying, addictions and sexual abuse. I feel strongly that no child has to feel helpless and alone. I learned the hard way how important it is to build bridges and repair any gaps or disconnects in communication between parents and their children and now I am actively helping families who want their children to become noble leaders and be positive role models for others.

I live with my beautiful wife and two young daughters in New Westminster, British Columbia.I previously lived in Oklahoma where I studied computer science and opened and operated several successful small businesses.