7th Self-sabotaging question on a teenager’s mind.

Q: How can I become more likeable and charismatic?

A: All the teenagers want to know this secret; you probably did too in your time :) Nobody wants to be an outcast. Everyone wants to be popular among their friends. Even as adults we all long to attract people toward us. For teenagers it’s even more important as they are starting their lives and want to prove themselves, attract the right friends and form their own tribes.

The biggest secret is to have the ability to make others feel good about themselves. Huh! You might say, Faisal I thought it was feeling good about one’s self to become popular.

That’s the exact reason so many of us fail to become likeable and charismatic because they spend all their energy on correcting their own selves, making themselves look good and be perfect.

So what to do to help your teenager? Here are a few tips you can share with your teenager:Charisma

  1. Teach your teenager to Be Themselves!
  2. When making new friends or meeting your existing friends, instead of worrying about how you look yourself, recognize the beauty and greatness in others.
  3. Find at least one good thing in every person you meet and compliment them on it; it could be the way they look, dress or talk.
  4. Develop a genuine curiosity and interest in your friends. Ask them questions to find out how you can be helpful.
  5. When talking to someone, be 100% present with them. Don’t be distracted by others around you or things happening in the background.

By following these tips, your teenager will become authentic. They will stop worrying about what others think about them or how they look, walk , talk or dress. They will become empathetic and concerned toward others well-being. When your teenagers friends will see that they care about others, it will create likeability and charisma. Everyone will want to get closer and be their friend

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Faisal Hameed Khattak