• I have known Faisal for over 3 years now. I first met him as a loving and engaged parent, and contributing member of our school community where his two daughters were enrolled. I have witnessed his amazing evolution into a bigger leader in our community when he decided to be a part of the Dov Baron's Authentic Speaker Academy for Leadership and get his voice to be strongly heard as he works towards empowering young children against bullying. Faisal became Big Dog! At present, Faisal is one of my coaches in the A.S.A.L. as well. in this role, he is an inspiration to us all. Personally speaking, I believe that Faisal the kind of parent that every community should be proud and honoured to have: committed to a cause, fully engaged, passionate and compassionate. We need to have more leaders like Faisal. If you want your child to be wisely guided to face bullying situations, Faisal, Big Dog and his Program with practical strategies and tools, is the coach to meet.
    Rosa Tatiana Celis, New Westminster BC
  • Faisal is a very talented speaker whose messages are relevant, credible and important. Faisal lives what he teaches and he feels a great passion for serving humanity. I am a fan of Faisal, his messages and his speaking ability.
    Alan Lary, Vancouver BC
  • Faisal teaches in a calm relaxed manner the very words that kids need to hear to access their leadership skills. If all kids could learn how to claim their power as Faisal teaches then perhaps we can create the next generation of leaders that will power the world's governments. I would highly recommend him as a speaker for students, parents and administrators to help create the leaders we need.
    Victoria Hargis, South Carolina USA
  • True leaders lead by example and aren't afraid to go first and that's exactly what Faisal does. An amazing human being with a HUGE heart and courage to boot. He's clearly demonstrated his commitment to his own personal growth by investing into himself to empower himself to be the best that he can be. There is no hesitation on my part to recommend Faisal as a "Leadersmith". Our youth is in good hands under the care and guidance of Faisal.
    Allan Eng, Burnaby BC
  • Faisal has this ability to see when I am "bullying" myself, by this I mean he sees when I'm being hard on myself. With this skill he is able to coach and lead from a place of compassion and gentleness, which makes him very effective. If you are looking for a coach to mentor your children and youth, Faisal is your guy.
    Francesco Lombardo
    Veritage Family Office
  • Faisal Khattak is an amazing and dynamic speaker. He keeps his audience engaged and involved. His message about anti-bullying is critical for the safety of all children and must be heard by both children and parents. He provides exceptional value and easily applicable "tips" that anyone can implemented immediately. I would recommend Faisal Khattak to ANYONE who is, has been or been witness to bullying. Bullying is not just limited to children. I will be hiring Faisal to assist me and my children to understand how to better understand what bullying is to us and deal with it in a healthy way.
    Anwar Visram, Burnaby BC
    Visram Security
  • Having experienced the services of Faisal Khattak as a coach in Dov Baron's Authentic Speaker Academy for Leadership has given me first-hand knowledge of how personable, empathetic, compassionate and sincere Faisal is. He shows great understanding for any situation presented and offers sound advise and suggestions. His life experience gives him the ability and understanding of how to interact with and assist children, youth and adults. He is a great example of an authentic leader
    Stephania Gibb, Abbotsford BC
  • Faisal is a warm and compassionate man. An amazing man of integrity with a profound message. Faisal is a true leader in a world where children, teens and adults many times come face to face with judgement and violence. His expertise comes from personal life experience. Faisal demonstrates what it means to be a true authentic leader in life, and assists others in doing the same.
    Moneka Huizenga, Abbotsford BC
  • I have known Faisal for a year and for the last 8 months, he has been my coach. During these 8 months, he has proven himself as a strong leader. He is willing to make hard decisions, put in the effort, be truthful even when the truth is hard to share and most notably, willing and able to apologize when he has made a mistake. It has been a pleasure to be coached by Faisal and I can't wait to see the impact his has on the next generation.
    Karen Carter, Vancouver BC
  • Faisal Khattak was a coach at the Authentic Speaker Academy for Leadership in which I was enrolled. At the Academy, Faisal was committed to helping the students achieve their goals. Faisal has shown he is a leader by his dedication to help young people to become confident leaders. I have seen Faisal present to adults and at his workshops for children. He is a powerful speaker, and his passion to assist young people is truly inspiring!
    Linda Vicic, Vancouver BC
  • From the first time I met Faisal I knew he was a man of integrity. He has a big heart for helping people and every time I have worked with him he has shown great leadership skills in helping people get to where they need to go. I highly recommend him if you want help with your leadership skills.
    Ron Huizenga, Abbotsford BC
  • Faisal is both a powerful leader and speaker. I have seen him present numerous times to both adults and children on the topics of anti-bullying and leadership. Through his passionate dedication, he has the ability to empower others to take leadership in their own lives. His work with children is truly inspiring.
    Belinda Hung, Burnaby BC